Why choose TMA for your project?


Why TMA?

We realise how daunting it can be altering your home, what should be a joyful experience can be very stressful as you start to look at things in more detail. Here are 4 important reasons why you should talk to us before you get started with your dream home project.

Together we can create your dream home

Because we have knowledge and experience of the latest techniques and materials and styles and also as we understand how spaces are used, even awkward spaces we can create a unique design and build for you that is trendy and stylish which is tailored to your needs that will give you functional spaces that meet your aspirations.

Get the enjoyment and buzz out of exploring your needs and seeing them come to life in front of your eyes

We are experienced in listening to you talk about your needs which can be at times quite challenging and awkward and help you identify your brief and decide on your options. We will steer you through the design process that will ultimately get you that dream home that will be unique to you, will solve your problems, respond to your lifestyle desires and give you that “wow” factor that you have been looking for.

Create a bespoke design that is in tune with your lifestyle ambitions

We are experienced designers who see the possibilities and opportunities that you may not have considered. We understand how spaces are used and interconnect with each other and come up with designs that are both creative and practical that get the most out of your space. We can help you design-in a place for everything. You will get efficient space that is interesting to live in. We also design with one eye on the future so we build in flexibility wherever possible to give you room to grow.

Stop worrying about all that red tape and finding builders

We can do this for you. We can be your safe pair of hands for your project and ensure that it is done properly. We have over 40 years experience, in that time we have seen it all before and have tried and tested every possible solution. We have a solid design process where we would interact with you using 3D modelling techniques. By doing this you can avoid expensive mistakes and save time on your project as you will be able to see what you will be getting before build work starts keeping the project within your budget and timeframes by adjusting the design if necessary. We’re used to dealing with third parties / builders – we know how to communicate with the different types of people involved in your project so you won’t have to do it. We can deal with all people and problems from project inception to completion.

Whether you're considering building your new dream home or just wondering how to create more space, we'd love to talk to you about your building ideas.

Call us for a chat on 0191 232 0424. We're a friendly bunch and always ready to help.