Why choose TMA for your project?


Why TMA?

We at TMA Architects understand what you really want from your project, here are some important reasons why you should talk to us before you get started

Your reputation is safe with us

 As trusted and reliable professionals within our field, you will receive a personal service, carried out with integrity and in confidence where we listen to your needs, which can be at times quite challenging and awkward and help you identify your brief and decide on your options steering you through the design process that will arrive at your unique building solution that will solve your problems and enhance your image. By preplanning critical activities they can be carried out with ease and avoid costly surprises, embarrassment and disruption.

Save money on your project costs and boost your profits

To make your budget go further we have a range of techniques for saving you money and boosting your profits. We are highly experienced in value engineering processes and have knowledge of techniques that can be applied to improve thermal efficiency and energy use. To make the most of your property and maximise the potential of the project we carefully review your brief and audit your space requirements. With our experience we may see the possibilities and opportunities that you may not have considered, theefficient use of space saves money and can add significantly to your project bottom line.

With one eye on the future we also build in flexibility wherever possible to give you room to grow. This saves money in the long term as it is easier to adapt to your changing needs.

Be more organised and efficient

QA controlled with logical ways of doing things we will apply this logic to your operation and help you become more organised and efficient. We will analyse your brief, your processes and use of space to create for you a bespoke functional building, a stimulating environment for your building users that optimises your activities, has places designed in for everything and makes best use of the site.

Have peace of mind in the knowledge that you are in safe hands

During our 40 years in practice we have seen it all before and have tried and tested every possible solution to most design issues.You will have peace of mind in the knowledge that you are in safe hands and that your project will be carried out properly. We’re used to dealing with third parties and builders and can deal with them all on your behalf. We have a solid design process where we would interact with you using 3D modelling techniques. By doing this you can avoid expensive mistakes and save time on your project as you will be able to see what you will be getting before build work starts keeping the project within your budget and timeframes by adjusting the design if necessary.

Get your project sooner

We will listen to what you say and provide you with a personal service, this shortens lines of communication and saves you time. The concept of time is money is ingrained in our work ethic where we place great importance on keeping to the program. Particularly in these days of instant response we always use our best endeavours to deliver in a timely manner and pride ourselves on completing projects on time and within budget. We are highly experienced in high pressure / fast turnaround jobs that require pre planned works and out of hours working which helps to deliver critical jobs where down time cannot be tolerated.

We'd love to talk to you about your building ideas so feel free to get in touch to discuss your project. Call us for a chat on 0191 232 0424. We're a friendly bunch and always ready to help.